Growth painting

My choice: ALAN MAGEE, Portrait of Hannah Höch
’92, digi photomontage

Last week I was allowed to join an inspirational student group of the HKU. Our first assignment to ourselves is: create a growth painting.
The steps are (I guess):

  • 1: choose an inspirational art work;
  • 2: create 8 A3 paintings in short time (5 to 15 minutes each);
  • 3. choose one A3 paintings;
  • 4. paint 1 A2, 1 A1 & 1 A0.

Painting is still outside my comfort zone. I don’t have enough experience and I don’t feel I have my ‘own’ style yet. But I like to experiment.

I was not happy with my results. So I looked up a conservative painting course. It helped a bit to get more feeling with mixing colours. I bought my first ‘burned omber’ acrylic paint. I painted a fast landscape, freewheelde, tried to find my personal style, but I am still not happy with my results. To be continued.