Drawing – Walids wall

  • At the Stedelijk Museum, I was impressed by a line work of Walid Raad. I made a simple drawing (fig. left above).
  • I took my drawing home. At my attic, I saw a simmilarity with the sewing machine. So Walids wall got involved in a sewing machine (large figure ). I was listening to Spotify, but I forgot to note which music was on.
  • The figure right above, depicts a magnification of the sewing needle.
  • I made a collage of the sewing machine (fig. middle upper). For the lines of Walids work, I used ‘woody’ pieces of paper, to emphasize the strong lines of the work of Walid Raad.
Work of Walid Raad. Photo included from Artlog, Trendbeheer.com by Sasha Dees