I used red tape, red Sizzlepak and a self made light box for two digital exhibitions (lung photo 1 & 2).

  • I submitted Lung photo 1 and lung photo 2 for the digital exhibition ‘deUitdaging’ (the challenge), with the theme ‘red’.
  • I submitted lung photo 1 for an online exhibition of Textile Art, with the theme ‘corona’.
    “I used red, ‘zigzag’ shaped cardboard strips (SizzlePak, padding from a wine box) * and sewed them on a sheet of sturdy paper.
    Beforehand I made holes in the shape of two lungs.
    I filled the left ‘lung’ with the strips, to give the lung content; I left the right ‘lung’ empty, so that you can see the air holes. The needle and thread indicate that the work is not finished.
    I put the sheet of paper in front of a homemade light box (made of a wine box and a lamp) and photographed it. You can see the fibers in the paper and the air holes.
    Viewers can see what they want. “