10. Now what – 2

I was not happy with ‘the tape girl’ I made two weeks ago (see, now what?). So, I decided to build upon this version.
Today I used Siberian chalk to bring more ‘tension’ in the work. I was immediately surprised by the nice effect of the dark chalk on the wrinkled tape: the chalk made the structure of the tape much more visible.

In two sessions, I gave the work a more contrasting appearance. Not astonishing, but good enough to give it a place.
But, where should I place this work? In the beginning, I wanted to put it behind or in front of a window, because of the transparancy of the work; the availability of back light visualises the several layers of tape.
However, today, the tape girl got another place. She earned my best chair.
My finger nails are still black, but I am also more happy now with the enhanced tape girl and with her place.

Tape girl, in chair
Tape girl, in chair by Gera_P