9. Now what?

At home, I made a masking tape portrait on baking paper. The tape and the paper were not happy with each other. They tried to let go of each other. Maybe they were aware of the current Corona crisis.
Last Friday, the HKU class was canceled. Now what? My class mate Hannah Mai and I decided to work together in HM’s atelier. It was inspiring to see Hannahs artwork and atelier. It was helpful to talk about our struggles with our art process. I admire HM’s work, her commitment and the high quality of her work.
When I told about the baking paper problem, Hannah offered me a piece of translucent plastic. I recreated my masking tape portrait at the plastic material. The plastic and tape turned out to be a very good match. A bit too good, because when I wanted to rearrange bits of tape, the plastic broke; it did not want to be pulled apart from the tape.
Still, I managed to create my tape figure, inspired by a photo I made earlier.
But now what? Collect my taping adventures in a blog? Tomorrow I will call Caz. Ask him: now what?
Shouldn’t we do something with the corona crisis and art? Create a ‘gesammtkunstwerk’, together with all class mates? Or is this just another of my ‘connection urges’, that distracts me from continuing the masking tape process?

The black stripes were already ‘available’ at the plastic.